Ireland vs West Indies 5th Match at Nelson, 15 Feb, 2015

Toss: Ireland, who chose to field
West Indies 304/7 (50)
Ireland 307/6 (45.5)
Ireland won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: PR Stirling
  • JF Mooney 6 * (5)
  • NJ OBrien 79 * (60)

Over 13.3 CH Gayle to WTS Porterfield, out Caught by Ramdin!!  Quicker and just outside off, Porterfield goes for the cut, gets an outside edge which is taken superbly by Ramdin, who stayed low to collect it. Porterfield c Ramdin b Gayle 23(43) 

Over 27.5 MN Samuels to PR Stirling,  out Caught by Ramdin!!  It was the slider that went on with the angle outside off, Stirling was looking to push at it, but can only manage an outside edge. Ramdin snaffles it and celebrates his happiness. Stirling c Ramdin b Samuels 92(84) 

Over 39.2 JE Taylor to EC Joyce, out Caught by Darren Bravo!! Full and wide outside off stump, Ed Joyce looks to drive hard, he almost slices it, the ball goes flat, it was timed well but he picked out the fielder at sweeper cover.. Ed Joyce c Darren Bravo b Jerome Taylor 84(67)

Over 41.3 JE Taylor to Andrew Balbirnie, out Caught by Darren Bravo!! Short ball and he holes out. Balbirnie pulls, but doesn't get the connection right, hits it in the air and deep square leg just moves to his right to take an easy catch. Balbirnie c Darren Bravo b Jerome Taylor 9(9)

Over 43.5 JE Taylor  to GC Wilson, out Caught by Gayle!!  Full and outside off stump, in the slot to be put away, Wilson doesn't control the drive and hits in the air, Gayle moves his hands to his left and reverse-cups the ball easily in the end. G Wilson c Gayle b Jerome Taylor 1(6)

Over 44.1 KAJ Roach  to NJ OBrien, out K O'Brien Run Out!! 1 run completed.Slower ball wide outside off stump, Niall drives it to deep point, Smith runs to his right and fires an accurate throw adjacent to the stumps. The bowler stays calm and whips the bails off before Kevin made his ground. K O'Brien run out (Dwayne Smith/Roach) 0(1)