Bangladesh vs England 33rd Match at Adelaide Oval, 09 Mar, 2015

Toss: England, who chose to bowl first
Bangladesh 275/7 (50)
England 260/10 (48.3)
Bangladesh won by 15 runs
Man of the Match: Mahmudullah
  • Chris Woakes 42 * (40)

Over 7.2 Arafat Sunny to Moeen Ali,  out Moeen Ali Run Out!!  Ali comes down the wicket and pushes it to the left of the bowler, there was a mix-up as he was looking for the single there, but Bell was busy ball watching, Ali was halfway down the track when the fielder from mid-wicket gets across, picks up the ball and fires in the throw at the striker's end. Moeen Ali run out (Soumya Sarkar/Rahim) 19(21)

Over 19.5 Mashrafe Mortaza  to Alex Halesout Caught by Rahim!!   A good length delivery around off, Hales fiddles with it away from the body, the outside edge goes to Rahim, who makes no mistake. Hales c Rahim b Mortaza 27(34) 

Over 26.1 Rubel Hossain to IR Bell,  out Caught by Rahim!!   It was a short of length delivery that reared up, Bell went for the glide to third man, the ball got big on him and took the outside edge on the way to Rahim. Bell c Rahim b Rubel 63(82) 

Over 26.4 Rubel Hossain to EJG Morgan,  out Caught by Shakib!! It was another short delivery aimed at the batsman, Morgan decides to take it on, swivels and pulls it to deep backward square, Shakib runs to his right, judges it well and holds on to a superb catch. Eoin Morgan c Shakib b Rubel 0(3)

Over 29.4 Taskin Ahmed to James Taylor, out Caught by Kayes!!  It was shortish and outside off, Taylor shuffles across and slashes at it, the outside edge flies to Kayes at first slip. Good take from him. Taylor was in no posistion to play that shot, he was trying to do too many things at once. James Taylor c Kayes b Taskin Ahmed 1(4)

Over 35.4 Mashrafe Mortaza to Joe Root, out Caught by Rahim!!  Leg-cutter on a good length, Root pushes at it away from the body, gets a thin edge and Rahim makes no mistake. Root was holding one end up and Bangladesh have got him. England will have to be very careful here. J Root c Rahim b Mortaza 29(47) 

Over 45.5 Taskin Ahmed to JC Buttler,  out Caught by Rahim!! Nothing but a full ball outside off stump, Buttler backs away and looks to run it down to third man, but he was off balance while meeting the ball and gets a thick edge. thorugh to Rahim. Buttler ct Rahim b Taskin Ahmed 65(52) 

Over 45.6 Taskin Ahmed to Chris Jordan, out Jordan Run Out!!  Jordan run out (Shakib) 0(1)

Over 48.1 Rubel Hossain to SCJ Broad,  out Bowled!!  Broad was not only beaten for pace, but the ball also tailed away from him, Broad exposed all the stumps and it hit the top of off stump.  Broad b Rubel 9(6)

Over 48.3 Rubel Hossain to JM Anderson, out Bowled!! Full and fast, swinging away from the left-hander as well, Anderson doesn't get behind the line of the ball, stays leg-side and misses it. The ball crashes into the base of middle-stump. J Anderson b Rubel 0(2)