New Zealand vs Bangladesh 37th Match at Hamilton, 13 Mar, 2015

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to field
Bangladesh 288/7 (50)
New Zealand 290/7 (48.5)
New Zealand won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Martin Guptill
  • Tim Southee 12 * (6)
  • DL Vettori 16 * (10)

Over 47.1GD Elliott to SabbirRahmanSixer! ...

Over 47.2GD Elliott to SabbirRahmanHe is Caught ...

Over 47.3GD Elliott to NasirHossainSingle ...

Over 47.4GD Elliott to MahmudullahSingle ...

Over 47.5GD Elliott to NasirHossainSingle ...

Over 47.6GD Elliott to MahmudullahTwo runs ...

Over 49.1 GD Elliott bowls a good length delivery to Nasir Hossain, 1 run, gets forward and eased to sweeper cover, for a single.

Over 49.2 GD Elliott bowls it wide outside off to Mahmudullah, Wide, gets forward and left alone outside off.

Over 49.2 GD Elliott bowls a pitched up delivery to Mahmudullah, Six!! Got under that as he went on one knee, swung it away over long-on, the ball lands well outside the spectator area, bounces away.

Over 49.3 GD Elliott bowls it short of length to Mahmudullah, 1 run, makes room and pulled away through mid-wicket and picks up a single.

Over 49.4 GD Elliott bowls it short of length to Nasir Hossain, Six!! Goes deep in the crease and heaves it over mid-off and the ball raced away to the boundary.

Over 49.5 GD Elliott  to Nasir Hossain, out Caught by Ross Taylor!!  Nasir Hossain's slice that time goes up in the air and it looked to be landing safely, but Taylor running back took a well-judged catch over his shoulder. Not an easy catch, but he made it look easy. Nasir Hossain c Ross Taylor b Elliott 11(7) 

Over 49.6 GD Elliott bowls a slower one to Mahmudullah, 1 run, gets forward and goes for a drive, takes the bottom edge, rolls to mid-off for a single. 

New Zealand need 289 runs to win in their 50 overs