Australia vs India 2nd Semi-Final at Sydney, 26 Mar, 2015

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 328/7 (50)
India 233/10 (46.5)
Australia won by 95 runs
Man of the Match: Steven Smith
  • Mohammed Shami 1 * (1)

Over 3.1 U Yadav to DA Warner, out Caught by Kohli!! Short of length delivery on the middle, Warner too early into the flick and the leading edge goes straight up in the air. A dolly to Kohli at mid-off.Australia lose their first wicket.Warner c Kohli b U Yadav 12(7)

Over 34.1 U Yadav to SPD Smith,  out Caught by Rohit!! Umesh strikes.Dug in short on the stumps, Smith made room for the big pull, but spliced it, Rohit at deep mid-wicket settled under the skier and took it easily. S Smith c Rohit b U Yadav 105(93) 

Over 37.3 R Ashwin to GJ Maxwell, out Caught by Rahane!! Flatter ball on the leg stump, Maxwell slog-sweeps  doesn't bother to keep it down and picks out Jinks to perfection at deep backward square leg.Maxwell c Rahane b Ashwin 23(14) 

Over 38.2 U Yada to AJ Finch,  out Caught by Dhawan!! Umesh bowls a short ball, it gets big on Finch, who was on the back foot to pull. The ball hits him high on the bat and balloons up in the air, short mid-wicket moves to his left and jumps and grabs it with both hands.Finch c Dhawan b U Yadav 81(116)

Over 42.1 MM Sharma to MJ Clarke, out Caught by Rohit!! Short ball from Mohit, was there to be hit, Clarke goes on the back foot to pull, but doesn't get the timing right. Rohit hardly had to move an inch and he throws the up in the air in joy after completing the catch. Clarke c Rohit b Mohit Sharma 10(12) 

Over 46.3 U Yadav to James Faulkner, out Bowled!!Faulkner would have normally sent that out of the park, but maybe the ball swung back in very late and foxed the batsman. Faulkner was aiming mid-wicket, but missed and the ball rattled into middle and leg. Faulkner b U Yadav 21(12)

Over 47.5 MM Sharma to SR Watson,out Caught by Rahane!! The back of the hand slower ball from Mohit Sharma, Watson picks it, backs away, waits and slogs, but hits it straight to deep backward square leg. Watson is disappointed as he walks back. Watson c Rahane b Mohit Sharma 28(30)