Bangladesh vs South Africa 1st Test at Chittagong, 21 Jul, 2015

Toss: South Africa, who chose to bat
South Africa 248/10 (83.4)  &  61/0 (21.1)
Bangladesh 326/10 (116.1)
Match drawn
Man of the Match: Mustafizur Rahman
  • Dean Elgar 28 * (56)
  • Stiaan van Zyl 33 * (71)

Hello and welcome to Day 4 of 1st Test between Bangladesh and South Africa

09:07 Local Time, 03:07 GMT, 08:37 IST: Bad news folks, it is raining heavily.

Over 79.6 Jubair Hossain bowls it flat in the air to M Morkel, no runs, hangs back and blocks it down the pitch.

Over 80.4 Mohammad Shahid bowls a pitched up delivery to M Morkel, 3 runs, stays rooted to the crease and drives it through extra cover.

Over 80.6 Mohammad Shahid bowls it short of length to M Morkel, no runs, gets inside the line and tries to pulls it hard but misses.

Over 81.6 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a back of length delivery to M Morkel, no runs, goes on to the back foot and tucks it to the on-side.

Over 82.5 Mohammad Shahid bowls a pitched up delivery to M Morkel, 1 run, leans forward and drives it pass the bowler.

Over 82.6 Mohammad Shahid bowls a good length delivery to M Morkel, no runs, gets the inside edge on to the pads.