Scotland vs Zimbabwe 5th T20I at Nagpur, 10 Mar, 2016

Toss: Zimbabwe, who chose to bat
Zimbabwe 147/7 (20)
Scotland 136/10 (19.4)
Zimbabwe won by 11 runs
Man of the Match: Wellington Masakadza
  • Mark Watt 9 * (5)

Over 3.2 Mark Watt bowls a good length delivery to V Sibanda,  out H Masakadza Run Out!!  Sibanda backed away and cut this shortish ball to cover-point where the fielder ran to his right and dived full length. The batsmen rammed into each other. Absolutely mindless running. 

Over 4.3 Alasdair Evans bowls it short of length to V Sibanda, out Caught by Machan!! 

Over 8.2 Mark Watt bowls a pitched up delivery to Richmond Mutumbami, out Caught by M A Leask!! Mutumbami was enticed by the drift, he wanted to go for a biggie over long-off but not enough power to clear the rope.

Over 10.3 Alasdair Evans bowls a good length delivery to Sikandar Raza Butt, out Bowled! Raza aims to go for the big shot through the off-side with cemented feet and connects thin. It flicked the bail of the off-stump

Over 14.3 Mark Watt bowls a tossed up delivery to M Waller, out Caught by M A Leask!!

Over 17.1 Safyaan Sharif bowls a good length delivery to SC Williams, out Caught by Alasdair Evans!! 

Over 19.6 Safyaan Sharif slips in a full toss to E Chigumbura, out Caught by Mommsen!!