Afghanistan vs England 24th T20I at Delhi, 23 Mar, 2016

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 142/7 (20)
Afghanistan 127/9 (20)
England won by 15 runs
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Shapoor Zadran 0 * (0)
  • Shafiqullah Shafiq 35 * (20)

Over 3.6 Shapoor Zadran bowls a back of length delivery to Joe Root, Six!! Swivel back and pulls it high and over mid-wicket, there's a fielder in the deep, but he's a mere spectator.

Over 18.2 Amir Hamza bowls a tossed up delivery to Moeen Ali, Six!! Gets down on one knee and crunches the slog-sweep over deep mid-wicket, the ball went all the way in to the stands.

Over 18.5 Amir Hamza bowls a tossed up delivery to David Willey, Six!! Comes down the track and heaves it over deep mid-wicket for another maximum.

Over 18.6 Amir Hamza slips in a full toss to David Willey, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and heaves it over long-on for a huge six.