England vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI at London, 29 Jun, 2016

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
Sri Lanka 305/5 (42)
England 309/4 (40.1)
England won by 6 wickets (D/L method)
Man of the Match: Jason Roy
  • Jos Buttler 17 * (8)
  • Jonny Bairstow 29 * (27)

Over 22.1 Moeen Ali bowls a tossed up delivery to LD Chandimal, Six!! Gets right to the pitch of the ball and smokes it with the turn over deep mid-wicket. That went long-way in to the stands.

Over 28.4 Moeen Ali bowls a tossed up delivery to AD Mathews, Six!! Gets under the off-break and once he got underneath it, he nailed it over cow corner for a maximum

Over 30.2 LE Plunkett bowls a good length delivery to LD Chandimal, Six!! Came down the tack and slogs it over long-on for maximum.

Over 34.2LE Plunkett to LD Chandimal Sixer! ...