India vs England 1st T20I at Kanpur, 26 Jan, 2017

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
India 147/7 (20)
England 148/3 (18.1)
England won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Ben Stokes 2 * (5)
  • Joe Root 46 * (46)

Over 4.3 Chris Jordan bowls it short of length to Lokesh Rahul, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! Skidded onto the batsman and took the top edge, easy catch to Rashid at backward square-leg.

Over 7.1 Moeen Ali bowls a pitched up delivery to V Kohli, out Caught by Morgan!

Over 10.1 LE Plunkett bowls a tossed up delivery to Yuvraj Singh, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! That is a stunning grab by Rashid running forward from fine leg

Over 12.3 Ben Stokes bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to SK Raina, out Bowled! Raina missed the ball completely as he went a long way across the stump and the ball knocks the leg stump.

Over 13.2 Moeen Ali bowls a tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, out Lbw!!  Pandey was looking to work it on the on-side, the impact was on off and the umpire was quick to raise his finger.

Over 16.2 Tymal Mills bowls it short of length to Hardik Pandya,  out Caught by S Billings!!  Pandya had the space to carve it over point, goes for the upper cut and gets it low on the bat, skies towards sweeper cover, where Billings steadied himself and took it calmly.

Over 19.4 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to MS Dhoni, no runs, out P Rasool Run Out!!