Punjab XI vs Hyderabad XI 16th Match at Mohali, 19 Apr, 2018

Toss: Punjab XI, who chose to bat first
Punjab XI 193/3 (20)
Hyderabad XI 178/4 (20)
Punjab XI won by 15 runs
Man of the Match: CH Gayle
  • Shakib Al Hasan 24 * (12)
  • Manish Pandey 57 * (42)

Over 1.5Mohit Sharma bowls good length delivery to Wriddhiman Saha, and that’s the end of his stay in the middle, clean bowled! .Bowled him!

Over 4.6 Mohit Sharma good length delivery to YK Pathan, out Bowled!! Pathan was completely foxed by it. He wanted to drive it through the off-side but gets a thick inside edge and ball comes back in the direction of the stumps.

Over 14.2 Andrew Tye bowls a slower one to KS Williamson, out Caught by Finch!! Williamson steps out to a slower delivery and mistimes this attempted loft and there's long-off waiting and takes it.

Over 16.4 Andrew Tye good length delivery to Deepak Hooda, out Caught by (sub)Manoj Tiwary!!  Knuckle ball, another one yeah, and Deepak Hooda finds long-on with this big loft. Manoj Tiwary there, who takes it..