Delhi XI vs Mumbai XI 55th Match at Delhi, 20 May, 2018

Toss: Delhi XI, who chose to bat first
Delhi XI 174/4 (20)
Mumbai XI 163/10 (19.3)
Delhi XI won by 11 runs
Man of the Match: Amit Mishra
  • Mustafizur Rahman 0 * (0)

Over 4.3 Jasprit Bumrah good length delivery to GJ Maxwell, out Bowled!! Maxwell tries to loft through the line, gets an inside edge onto his pad and it finally ricochets onto his stumps. 

Over 8.6Mayank Markande bowls flighted delivery to Shreyas Iyer, and he is caught by the fielder in the deep.He is Caught

Over 16.5 Krunal Pandya bowls a tossed up delivery to Rishabh Pant, out Caught by Pollard!! This was tossed up on the stumps, Pant slogged hard and flat, no real elevation behind the shot, straight into the bucket hands of Pollard at long-on.