Kolkata XI vs Rajasthan XI Eliminator at Kolkata, 23 May, 2018

Toss: Rajasthan XI, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 169/7 (20)
Rajasthan XI 144/4 (20)
Kolkata XI won by 25 runs
Man of the Match: Andre Russell
  • Krishnappa Gowtham 9 * (7)
  • Heinrich Klaasen 18 * (18)

Over 9.1 Javon Searles good length delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, 1 run, gets forward and whacked away, flat-batted through to sweeper.

Over 9.2 Javon Searles bowls it short of length to SV Samson, Six!! Shuffles across on the back foot and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid wicket and the ball went all the way into the stands.

Over 9.3 Javon Searles good length delivery to SV Samson, no runs, goes back in the crease and defends it towards point.

Over 9.4 Javon Searles bowls a back of length delivery to SV Samson, Boundary! Goes back in the crease and smashes it hard through backward point and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 9.5 Javon Searles bowls a slower one to SV Samson, 1 run, stays inside the crease and mistimes his cut, under-halving it through to cover

Over 9.6 Javon Searles bowls a pitched up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, 1 run, gets forward and pushes it along the ground through cover and picks up a single.