Top 4 reasons why IPL has proved to be ...

Top 4 reasons why IPL has proved to be a huge boost for Indian cricket

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Published on: May 15, 2018

Indian Premier League (IPL) gets plenty of flak from cricket purists everywhere. While many are of the opinion that it isn’t about real cricket, others treat it just like a big carnival, far from the actual sport itself. Everyone thinks that there’s just too much cricket happening these days. Some of the cricket legends have even gone to the extent of saying that the tournament is slowly killing test cricket. Not to forget the corruption allegations on some of the team owners and players.

However, it cannot be denied that IPL is hugely popular and has continued to maintain its appeal ever since its inaugural edition in 2008. A great multitude of people actively bet on IPL matches from different parts of the world and use reputed online platforms such as Sbat to place their punts. Today, IPL is perceived as a well-established brand, despite having had its share of highs and lows. On the whole, no one can deny that the event is here to stay.

The tournament has done a world of good to Indian cricket too and has become the breeding ground for world-class cricketers like Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal and more, many of whom have gone on to wear the Indian colours.

Let’s now acquaint you with the top 4 reasons why it has proved to be a huge boost for the Indian cricket.

Economic opportunities

Many unknown cricketers who otherwise would’ve had a hard time making a living for themselves, get paid handsome sums in the league. Here are the 5 most expensive players in IPL history.

It gives lots of business to service providers from media, marketing, hospitality, travel, management and allied industries. Everyone gets benefited, right from the elite team owners to the rickshaw guy on the road who ferries spectators, as well as the snack vendors outside the stadiums.

Aided the launch of other sports leagues

Once IPL started bringing in big money, other sports leagues like that of badminton, football, kabbadi etc. also came along. Although they haven’t flourished as well as IPL, they surely have developed a good fan following everywhere. Investors who earlier used to shy away from all the sports have been more than forthcoming in pumping money into these leagues. It might just be the push that the Indian sports industry needed.

Involvement of global talent

As the event has put Indian sports on the world map, the country has now emerged as a favourite destination for budding cricketers throughout the world. It features some of the best non-Indian cricketers from various cricket playing nations.

The event also gives young Indian cricketers an opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in business. Overall it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Successful internationalisation of Indian sports leagues

Even though IPL only has 8 teams and runs for no longer than couple of months, it’s a very high-profile event that brings in plenty of revenue for multiple industries. The tournament is undeniably the biggest cricket league in the world, and is gradually catching up with other big sports leagues in Europe and North America as well.

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