Zulqarnain Haider considering postponing return to Pakistan

Zulqarnain Haider considering postponing return to Pakistan

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Published on: Apr 21, 2011

Former Pakistan wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider is giving second thoughts to his decision of returning to Pakistan after he received two threat calls from unknown people in England.

According to details, the former Pakistan player who is currently living in London has filed a report in a local police station against the perpetrators of the call. According to Haider, the callers threatened to kill him on his return to Pakistan.

The former wicketkeeper claimed that the calls came from Pakistan. It is expected that he will now postpone his return. Earlier 24 April, 2011 was the presumed date for his return to Pakistan.

Haider hit the news recently when he announced that he would be returning to Pakistan in the coming days. He made the revelation after meeting Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik in London. According to reports, Malik assured Haider of complete cooperation from the government regarding his security.

Later, Haider ceased seeking asylum in United Kingdom and claimed that there was no need for him to live in England when the top minister had promised him security of the highest level in Pakistan.

Haider had become a matter of embarrassment for the Pakistan Cricket Board when he deserted his national side which was playing against South Africa in the United Arab Emirates in November 2010.

After resurfacing in England, Haider claimed that he had received threats from a bookie who wanted him to lose the fourth and fifth One Day Internationals against the Proteas. He said after refusing to adhere to the threats, there was no other option for him but to run for his life.

In his first press conference after finding refuge in the United Kingdom, Haider announced his retirement from international cricket and insisted that he wanted to live in England away from all the controversies.

Nonetheless, after just two weeks he announced that he will unmask the inpiduals within the PCB involved in match/spot-fixing. Soon after, his family in Pakistan started receiving threat calls which consequently pushed him to retract his statement.

Haider’s central contract was terminated by the PCB and he was banned for life from playing cricket because of violating the Board’s rules and regulations regarding discipline. The cricket board made it very clear that he will have to face an inquiry committee on his return which will determine the next course of action for him.

It remains unclear what will be his next step after receiving the latest threats from people who according to him are after his life.

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