Know anyone scored 1000 runs in five successive Tests?

Know anyone scored 1000 runs in five successive Tests?

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Published on: Apr 23, 2013

Know anyone ever scored 1000 runs in five successive Tests, not in the same series?

Don Bradman made a record 974 runs in the 1930 Ashes series against England, still the closest anyone has ever come to a thousand in a single series. But he never quite made 1000 in five straight matches.

Only two batsmen have:

In 1958 Garry Sobers scored 365 not out, 125 and 109 not out, and 14 and 27 at home against Pakistan, followed by 25 and 142 not out, and 4 and 198, in India - that's 1009 runs in five Tests.

Graham Gooch followed suit in England in 1990, scoring 85 and 37, and 154 and 30 against New Zealand, before amassing 333 and 123, 116 and 7, and 85 and 88 against India - a record 1058 runs in the space of five Tests. Gooch remains the only man to score 1000 Test runs in an English summer (still 1058, actually, as he'd been out for a duck in the first Test against New Zealand).

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