Steve Smith reveals what he learnt from Virat Kohli

Steve Smith reveals what he learnt from Virat Kohli

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Published on: Feb 23, 2018

Australia skipper Steve Smith has said that he has learnt a lot from Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson and AB De Villiers.

In a chat with Cricket Australia, Smith revealed, "I look at some of the best players around the world and sometimes I do try and bat like them. Little bit of Virat and the way he plays spin, his hands and the way he hits the ball through the off-side. Probably learnt a little bit out of that. I just try and learn. These guys are best players in the world for a reason. You try and get whatever you can out of them," Smith was quoted as saying by

"In places like India, for instance, I open my hands up a little bit. I don't feel that I can get nicked off quite as easily in India as opposed to somewhere like Australia or South Africa. So I open up different parts of the ground," he further said.

On De Villiers and Kane Williamson, Smith said, "I've copied a bit of what AB de Villiers does. The way I go back and across to open myself up and set myself for the shots. More so when the ball is reversing. A few years ago I tried to bat like Kane Williamson and play the ball really late.”

--By A Cricket Correspondent

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