Afghanistan vs India 6th Match at Adelaide Oval, 10 Feb, 2015

Toss: India, who chose to bat
India 364/5 (50)
Afghanistan 211/8 (50)
India won by 153 runs
Man of the Match: Rohit Sharma
  • Nasir Jamal 2 * (4)
  • Afsar Zazai 24 * (37)

Over 4.4U Yadav bowls short of length delivery to JavedAhmadi, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 20.3 RA Jadeja to Usman Ghani, out Caught by U Yadav!! It was slower and close to off, Ghani heaves it across the line, miscues it completely, Dhawan runs back from mid-wicket, dives full length and holds onto it, but when he hits the ground, the ball pops out of his hand, Usman Ghani c U Yadav b Ravindra Jadeja 44(72)

Over 34.6 MM Sharma to Asghar Stanikzai,  out Caught by Shami!!  It was a well disguised slower delivery, Stanikzai was looking for the release shot, he bends his left knee and tries to go over mid-on, doesn't get the elevation and Shami runs across to his left and completes a good catch. Stanikzai c Shami b Mohit Sharma 20(43)

Over 35.4 R Ashwin to Najibullah Zadran, out Stumped!! Ashwin picks up his first wicket! He has deserved it as he has bowled well tonight. Najibullah tried one shot too many, once again dances down the pitch and looks to go big, Ashwin though slowed it up and beaten the batsman, Dhoni did the rest behind the stumps. Najibullah st Dhoni b Ashwin 4(3)

Over 36.4 MM Sharma to NK Mangal, out Caught by Dhoni!! It was a full delivery on the fourth stump line, Mangal tries to steer it fine, gets it too fine in the end, Dhoni takes a smart catch as the ball was travelling. A fine innings from Mangal comes to an end.Nawroz c Dhoni b Mohit Sharma 60(85)

Over 39.4 RA Jadeja to Mohammad Nabi, out Bowled!! Second wicket of the evening for Jadeja. He saw the batsman give him the charge and darted it in, Nabi was outdone by the pace as he missed the big shot, the ball crashes into leg-stump. Nabi b Ravindra Jadeja 1(6)

Over 45.2 MM Sharma to Afsar Zazai, out Shenwari Run Out!! 2 runs completed. It was the back of the hand slower delivery, Zazai steers it towards short third man, Umesh parries the ball towards fine leg with a slide, Rohit throws the ball to the striker's end, Shenwari wanted the third run but Zazai was not at all interested. Jadeja then tries to hit the stumps with an under-arm throw, he misses and Rayudu was there to do the final formalities. Shenwari run out (Rohit/Ravindra Jadeja/Rayudu) 17(30)

Over 47.6 SK Raina to Mirwais Ashraf, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! After a few tossed up deliveries, Raina fires this one in, Ashraf goes for the old mighty heave towards cow corner, he misses and loses his off-stump. Mirwais b Raina 2(7)