Chennai XI vs Delhi XI 2nd T20 at Chennai, 09 Apr, 2015

Toss: Delhi Daredevils, who chose to field
Chennai XI 150/7 (20)
Delhi XI 149/9 (20)
Chennai Super Kings won by 1 run
Man of the Match: Ashish Nehra
  • Domnic Joseph Muthuswami 0 * (0)
  • JA Morkel 73 * (55)

Over 14.4 DJ Bravo bowls a pitched up delivery to JP Duminy, 1 run, gets forward and pushes it through the off-side and gets of the mark with a single.

Over 14.6 DJ Bravo bowls a good length delivery to JP Duminy, 1 run, gets waits for it, opens the face of the bat and runs it down to third man.

Over 15.1 I Pandey bowls a good length delivery to JP Duminy, 1 run, stays on the back foot and run it down to third-man.

Over 15.3 I Pandey bowls it short of length to JP Duminy, 2 runs, gets back in the crease and cuts it pass backward-point and picks up couple of runs.

Over 15.4 I Pandey to JP Duminy,  out Bowled! It was another back of a length delivery just outside off, Duminy went for another dab down to third man, but this was very close to his body. He ends up getting an inside edge and drags it back on the stumps. Duminy b I Pandey 5(5)