Mumbai XI vs Bangalore XI 46th T20 at Mumbai, 10 May, 2015

Toss: Royal Challengers Bangalore, who chose to bat first
Bangalore XI 235/1 (20)
Mumbai XI 196/7 (20)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 39 runs
Man of the Match: AB de Villiers
  • Mitchell McClenaghan 12 * (4)
  • Lendl Simmons 68 * (53)

Over 14.3S Aravind bowls short of length delivery to HardikPandya, gets beaten on the frontfoot by that good delivery.No runs

Over 14.4S Aravind bowls pitched up delivery to HardikPandya, pulls it away through mid wicketSingle

Over 15.1YSChahal bowls flighted delivery to HardikPandya, moves back and across to defend that towards covers.Single

Over 15.3YSChahal bowls quicker and flatter in the air to HardikPandya, gets forward and drives it straight down the groundSixer!

Over 15.4YSChahal bowls flighted delivery to HardikPandya, leaves his crease and is beaten by that delivery. The Keeper collects the ball and effects the stumping.Stumped out