Bangladesh vs Pakistan 1st ODI at Dhaka, 17 Apr, 2015

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bat
Bangladesh 329/6 (50)
Pakistan 250/10 (45.2)
Bangladesh won by 79 runs
Man of the Match: Mushfiqur Rahim
  • Rahat Ali 1 * (1)

Over 13.3 Wahab Riaz bowls a good length delivery to Mahmudullah, no runs, gets behind the line and defends it to the off-side.

Over 19.6 Rahat Ali to Mahmudullah,  out Bowled!! Cleaned up! Slower ball and on the middle-stump line, Mahmudullah made room outside leg and was looking to go inside out over extra cover, is done in by the lack of pace and the middle pole is knocked out. Mahmudullah b Rahat Ali 5(18)

Over 41.4 Wahab Riaz to Tamim Iqbal, out Caught by Rizwan!!  Riaz bangs this slower ball very short, Tamim tries to manufacture some pace and flat-bat it over the infield, but completely mistimes the ball. Mid-off and extra-cover go for the catch Tamim c Rizwan b Riaz 132(135) 

Over 47.2 Wahab Riaz to Mushfiqur Rahim, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Full and just tailing away, Rahim stays leg-side of the ball and slogs, gets an outside edge and the keeper makes no mistake.  Rahim walks off to a good round of applause.Rahim c Sarfraz Ahmed b Riaz 106(77)

Over 49.4 Wahab Riaz to Sabbir Rahman,  out Bowled!!  Full and on the leg stump from round the wicket, Rahman misses the reverse sweep and the ball hits the leg stump. S Rahman b Riaz 15(7) 

Over 49.6 Wahab Riaz to Shakib Al Hasan, out Lbw!! Inswinging low full toss, Shakib walks across and tries to ramp it away to fine leg, but misses and is hit plumb in front. 4th wicket for Riaz. Shakib lbw b Riaz 31(27)