England vs Australia 3rd Test at Birmingham, 29 Jul, 2015

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 136/10 (36.4)  &  265/10 (79.1)
England 281/10 (67.1)  &  124/2 (32.1)
England won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: ST Finn
  • Joe Root 38 * (63)
  • IR Bell 65 * (90)

Over 2.2 JM Anderson bowls a good length delivery to DA Warner, out LBW!! Warner on the back foot, missed the inside edge and struck him just on the kneeroll, umpire raises the finger.

Over 7.6 ST Finn bowls a good length delivery to SPD Smith, out Caught by Cook!! Smith shuffled across to defend and got a thick outside edge, Cook moving to his left and takes a good catch at first slip

Over 11.2 ST Finn bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to MJ Clarke, out Bowled !Clarke has late to bat down and the ball rattled the stumps

Over 20.6 JM Anderson bowls a good length delivery to AC Voges,  out Caught by Buttler!!

Over 22.3 JM Anderson to MR Marsh, out Caught by Buttler!! This was full and wide outside off, looking to tempt Marsh into the booming drive, he goes hard at the ball, the outside edge is found and it's a simple catch to the keeper

Over 24.4 JM Anderson bowls a good length delivery to Peter Nevill, out Bowled!!

Over 26.6 JM Anderson bowls a good length delivery to MG Johnson, out Caught by Stokes!! Five wicket haul for Anderson.

Over 31.2 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to CJL Rogers, out LBW!!

Over 33.3 SCJ Broad bowls it short of length to Mitchell Starc, out Caught by Buttler!!

Over 36.4 JM Anderson bowls a good length delivery to Nathan Lyon, out Bowled!! Lyon went hard on the cover drive, gets a thick inside edge and the off-stump is clattered.