Afghanistan vs Scotland 2nd T20I at Nagpur, 08 Mar, 2016

Toss: Afghanistan, who chose to bat
Afghanistan 170/5 (20)
Scotland 156/5 (20)
Afghanistan won by 14 runs
Man of the Match: Mohammad Shahzad
  • Matthew Cross 2 * (2)
  • PL Mommsen 17 * (19)

Over 9.4 Rashid Khan bowls a quicker arm ball to C MacLeod, no runs, gets forward and defends it back to the bowler.

Over 9.5 Rashid Khan bowls a tossed up delivery to C MacLeod, 1 run, gets forward and works it to mid-on for a quick single.

Over 10.1 Samiullah Shenwari bowls a tossed up delivery to C MacLeod, out MacLeod Run Out!! 1 run completed.