Punjab XI vs Rising Pune Supergiants 53rd T20 at Visakhapatnam, 21 May, 2016

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bat
Punjab XI 172/7 (20)
Rising Pune Supergiants 173/6 (20)
Rising Pune Supergiants won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: MS Dhoni
  • Ravichandran Ashwin 1 * (1)
  • MS Dhoni 64 * (32)

Over 7.4 R Ashwin bowls it short of length to WP Saha, 1 run, makes room and cuts it down to deep-point and picks up a single.

Over 7.6 R Ashwin bowls it flat in the air to WP Saha, 1 run, goes back in the crease and cuts it down to deep-cover and picks up just a single.

Over 8.1 Adam Zampa bowls a tossed up delivery to WP Saha, 1 run, goes deep in the crease and pulls it wide of long-on and picks up  a single.

Over 8.3 Adam Zampa bowls a quicker arm ball to WP Saha, out Caught by Ashwin!!  Saha camps back and attempts to late-steer it wide of the lone slip.Gets the thick outside edge and easy catch to Ashwin.