Sri Lanka vs Australia 2nd T20I at Colombo, 09 Sep, 2016

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 128/9 (20)
Australia 130/6 (17.5)
Australia won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: GJ Maxwell
  • Travis Head 9 * (10)
  • Peter Nevill 3 * (1)

Over 8.4 Seekkuge Prasanna bowls a tossed up delivery to MC Henriques, no runs, comes on to the front foot and driven straight to cover.

Over 8.5 Seekkuge Prasanna bowls it short of length to MC Henriques, 1 run, goes on to the back foot and punches it along the ground to sweeper-cover.

Over 9.1 SS Pathirana bowls a tossed up delivery to MC Henriques, out Stumped!! Needless from Henriques. First ball he is facing off Pathirana and he decides to give the charge, yorks himself and can't squeeze it out. Kusal Perera juggles with the ball before taking the bails off.