West Indies vs India 2nd ODI at Trinidad, 25 Jun, 2017

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl first
India 310/5 (43)
West Indies 205/6 (43)
India won by 105 runs
Man of the Match: Ajinkya Rahane
  • Ashely Nurse 19 * (25)
  • Roston Chase 33 * (37)

Over 0.3 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls it short of length to Kieran Powell, out Caught by Dhoni!!  A short of a good length delivery outside off and shaping away, Powell was rooted to the crease as he aimed a drive, ended up grazing an outside edge to Dhoni. 

Over 2.5 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Jason Mohammed, out Caught by Hardik Pandya!! Mohammed into the drive he obliges, goes with hard hands and slices it straight into the bucket like hands of Pandya at backward point. 

Over 19.6 Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tossed up delivery to Evin Lewis, out Stumped!!  Lewis shimmied out to smack it down the ground, fails to read the googly and misses it completely. An easy stumping for Dhoni.

Over 25.3 Kuldeep Yadav bowls a quicker arm ball to Shai Hope, out Lbw!! . A flat delivery bowled full, lands in line with middle and pings him low.

Over 29.2 Ravichandran Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to Jonathan Carter, out Lbw!!  Carter tried to break the shackles with a sweep, but the ball came much slower than he anticipated. Hits him around the midriff.

Over 36.4 Kedar Jadhav bowls a tossed up delivery to JO Holder, out Stumped!!  Holder all ends up. Was nowhere near the pitch of the delivery, had a huge swing and missed it by a country mile. There was a bit of comical moment as Dhoni dislodging the stumps