England vs Australia 4th ODI at Chester-le-Street, 21 Jun, 2018

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 310/8 (50)
England 314/4 (44.4)
England won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Jason Roy
  • Jos Buttler 54 * (29)
  • Alex Hales 34 * (45)

Over 23.4 Nathan Lyon bowls a tossed up delivery to Jason Roy,  out Caught by Shaun Marsh!!. Sees the flight and throws everything at it, gets a thick outside edge and straight to Marsh at short third man.

Over 25.1 Billy Stanlake good length delivery to JM Bairstow, out Caught by Paine!! Bairstow tries to be cheeky with a fine dab and all he could manage was run it off the bat face to the right of Paine and he dives and takes it.

Over 34.5 Ashton Agar bowls a quicker arm ball to Joe Root,  out Bowled!!  This was a full delivery that kept straight. Root goes for the slog sweep but gets done by the undeviated one. The middle stump goes for a walk.

Over 36.6 Ashton Agar bowls a tossed up delivery to EJG Morgan, out Caught by Paine!!  Morgan was too ambitious as he looked to go inside out. The end result, he got a feather on it and Paine took a sharp catch.