England vs Pakistan 5th ODI at Leeds, 19 May, 2019

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 351/9 (50)
Pakistan 297/10 (46.5)
England won by 54 runs
Man of the Match: Chris Woakes
  • Shaheen Afridi 19 * (26)

Over 11.2 Imad Wasim tossed up delivery to JM Bairstow, out Caught by Shaheen Afridi!! 

Over 29.3 Shaheen Afridi bowls a good length delivery to EJG Morgan, out Caught by Abid Ali!! Morgan was a late call to play the pull, ended up hanging his bat out, the top-edge looped in the air and towards square leg. Abid Ali ran across to his left from mid-wicket and completes a safe catch.

Over 35.3 Mohammad Hasnain bowls a good length delivery to Joe Root, out Caught by Asif! Root went for it, didn't get the required timing and skews a sitter to the man at deep square leg.

Over 38.1 Imad Wasim bowls a quicker arm ball to JC Buttler,  out Caught by Abid Ali!! Buttler was itching to break free and sees a flatter delivery outside off. Goes for the cut and hits it on the rise. Straight to backward point and Abid Ali makes no mistake.

Over 38.3 Imad Wasim bowls a quicker arm ball to Moeen Ali, out Lbw!! 

Over 44.1 Shaheen Afridi bowls a good length delivery to Chris Woakes,  out Caught by Babar Azam!! Woakes manufactured his own room by backing away, was looking to lift it back over the bowler's head, but in doing so, gets very little power behind the shot - a simple catch to Babar.

Over 45.5Hasan Ali to Ben Stokes He is Caught ...

Over 48.5Shaheen Afridi bowls good length delivery to David Willey, and that’s the end of his stay in the middle, clean bowled! .Bowled him!