England vs Pakistan 5th ODI at Leeds, 19 May, 2019

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 351/9 (50)
Pakistan 297/10 (46.5)
England won by 54 runs
Man of the Match: Chris Woakes
  • Shaheen Afridi 19 * (26)

Over 22.2Adil Rashid to Babar Azam Sixer! ...

Over 28.5Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed Sixer! ...

Over 30.2 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed, Six!! Gets close to the ball and then lifts it high and over long-on for a maximum.

Over 38.3 Chris Woakes bowls a pitched up delivery to Hasan Ali, Six!! Plonks his front-foot forward and then drags it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum.

Over 45.6 David Willey bowls a pitched up delivery to Mohammad Hasnain, Six!! Gets under the ball and crunched over extra cover for a maximum.