Chennai XI vs Hyderabad XI Sunrisers won by 7 runs at Dubai, 02 Oct, 2020

Toss: Hyderabad, who chose to bat
Hyderabad XI 164/5 (20)
Chennai XI 157/5 (20)
Hyderabad won by 7 runs
Man of the Match: Priyam Garg
  • Sam Curran 15 * (5)
  • MS Dhoni 47 * (36)

Over 2.3: Bowled him!. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to SR Watson,

Over 5.1 T Natarajan bowls a good length delivery to AT Rayudu, out Bowled!! Rayudu was completely opened up as he looked to tuck, past the closed the bat-face and the ball went on to hit the top of the off-stump.

Over 5.6 T Natarajan bowls a good length delivery to Kedar Jadhav, out du Plessis Run Out!! Jadhav tucked it to the right of mid-wicket and set-off for a single. Garg was quick on the ball and has a shy at the striker's end - he missed, but Bairstow was covering for the throw. The ball did slip out of his hands, but luckily for him, it fell onto the stumps.

Over 8.2 Abhishek Sharma tossed up delivery to Kedar Jadhav, out Caught by Warner!! Kedar chips it straight to the man at covers. Warner makes no mistake.

Over 17.4 T Natarajan bowls a good length delivery to Ravindra Jadeja, out Caught by Abdul Samad!! Jadeja swung it straight to Samad at deep square leg.