Bangalore XI vs Punjab XI 31st Match at Sharjah, 15 Oct, 2020

Toss: Bangalore, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 171/6 (20)
Punjab XI 177/2 (20)
Punjab won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Lokesh Rahul
  • Nicholas Pooran 6 * (1)
  • Lokesh Rahul 61 * (49)

Over 4.1 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to Devdutt Padikkal, out Caught by Pooran!! Padikkal committed himself onto his front foot to punch it away. Anyway, he gets foxed, getting stuck, with a tame balloon straight down short cover's throat.

Over 6.3 Murugan Ashwin tossed up delivery to Aaron Finch, out Bowled!! Finch looking to keep it out off the back foot but the ball beats the bat and hits the stumps.

Over 10.3 Murugan Ashwin tossed up delivery to Washington Sundar,  out Caught by Jordan!!  Sundar tries to play against the spin, the slog sweep skies up and Jordan takes a simple catch. 

Over 15.6 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Shivam Dube, out Caught by Rahul!! Dube takes on the pull and the top-edge skies straight up, Rahul runs towards short fine leg and takes it comfortably. 

Over 17.3  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to AB de Villiers, out Caught by Hooda!! de Villiers loses his shape as he tries to pump it over mid-off, gets it right off the toe-end and Hooda takes a simple catch.

Over 17.5  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Virat Kohli, out Caught by Rahul!! Kohli went through the shot so early, the ball hit him on the glove as he followed through, ballooned to the right of Rahul who dives across and takes the catch.