England vs New Zealand 1st Test at London, 02 Jun, 2021

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bat
New Zealand 378/10 (122.4)  &  169/6 (52.3)
England 275/10 (101.1)  &  170/3 (70)
Match drawn
Man of the Match: Devon Conway

    Over 3.1 Kyle Jamieson bowls a good length delivery to Dominic Sibley, out Lbw!! Sibley coming down at a very weird angle and then missing the line of the ball completely to end up getting struck on the front pad. 

    Over 6.4 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to Zak Crawley, out Caught by Watling!! Crawley chasing it with a big booming cover drive, only to not get close and end up outside-edging it to the keeper. 

    Over 43.1 Kyle Jamieson bowls a good length delivery to Joe Root, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! Root had to play and he does so with firm hands. Thick outside edge flies down low towards first slip and Ross Taylor grabs it inches above the turf.

    Over 52.5 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to Ollie Pope, out Lbw!! Pope in his eagerness to play the ball on the leg-side, walked a little too far outside his off peg. Gets clonked in line with the middle and leg.

    Over 54.1 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to Daniel Lawrence, out Caught by de Grandhomme!! Lawrence goes hard with his flashing blade and the edge flies straight into the reverse-cupped hands of Grandhomme at third slip

    Over 56.1 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to James Bracey, out Bowled!! Bracey went for an ambitious drive and crashed into the off-stump, the wickets are all in mess 

    Over 84.1 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to Ollie Robinson,  out Caught by Jamieson!! Robinson compulsively pulls, gets hurried on, gets a top-edge and fine leg back-tracks, tumbles backward, and holds on. 

    Over 85.3 Kyle Jamieson bowls a good length delivery to Mark Wood, out Caught by Watling!! Wood goes chasing sans feet movement and he feeds a thick inside edge through to the keeper.

    Over 91.6 Neil Wagner bowls a good length delivery to SCJ Broad, out Bowled!! Broad was just hoping to swish and slog leaving his stumps exposed in the process and the ball smashes the base of the leg stump.