England vs Sri Lanka 3rd T20I at Southampton, 26 Jun, 2021

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bowl
England 180/6 (20)
Sri Lanka 91/10 (18.5)
England won by 89 runs
Man of the Match: Dawid Malan

    Over 3.1 Binura Fernando bowls it short of length to Dawid Malan, Six! Shuffled across his stumps and let his wrists take charge. There was a fielder at deep square leg but he placed it wide of him.

    Over 8.5 Wanindu Hasaranga bowls a quicker arm ball to Dawid Malan, Six! Goes down on his knee and slogs it over backward square leg and the ball went over the ropes for six.

    Over 9.1 Isuru Udana bowls a pitched up delivery to Jonny Bairstow,Six! Gets forward and swiped it sans much timing to deep square leg, Gets a maximum.

    Over 14.1 Wanindu Hasaranga bowls it short of length to Dawid Malan,Six! Rock back in the crease and tonks him deep into the stands over mid-wicket for a maximum.

    Over 14.4 Wanindu Hasaranga tossed up delivery to Dawid Malan, Six! Gets under the ball and clubs it clean into the long-on stands