Latest Cricket News Updates Latest news from (c) en-gb Sat 02 Mar 2024 Why Rohit Sharma's double hundred is no cause to celebrate When a batting team scores 400 plus in an innings, it is but obvious that the side has enjoyed itself out in the middle, and the team has had a run feast. However, does that also mean that the crowd and audience watching at home have enjoyed themselves to the hilt? Kolkata ODI: Some amazing stats The fourth ODI between India and Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in Kolkata produce some sensational numbers, with a few records also being broken along the way, most of them by Rohit Sharma SL tour of IND: India Vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI Live Scores, Nov 13, 2014 Sri Lanka tour of India: India Vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI Live Scores at Kolkata, Nov 13, 2014.Match scheduled to begin at 13:30 local time (08:00 GMT)