Turning point of the India Vs Sri Lanka, Tied Match at the Adelaide?

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Published on: Feb 15, 2012

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Cricwaves.com’s Turning Point of India Vs Sri Lanka, ODI 5 at Adelaide, Feb 15, Commonwealth Bank Series 2012

The India Vs Sri Lanka match at the Adelaide Oval ended in a sensational tie. Both teams were in a winning position and both were also in the losing position at different stages of the match. In the final two overs, the match kept on swinging both the sides and pretty surely fans from both the countries were nervous. In the end, the match ending in a tie must have satisfied both the Indian and the Sri Lankan fans. (Say what you think was the turning point of this match by posting your opinion here - http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=350276408340267&id=102375579811701)

For the Indians, practically it was difficult to score 9 runs from the last over against a yorker specialist like Lasith Malinga! And for Sri Lanka with MS Dhoni still left in the middle their hopes were just on the edge. But to hit a boundary off the final ball against any bowler boils down to high pressure and MS Dhoni was super cool as he almost pulled it off over extra covers. Yes he fell just one run short of the boundary but as an Indian fan, you can’t ask more than that!

Well there was not one turning point in the match. Some people point that India should have won but for the Umpires missed to correct a 5-ball over in the 30th over of the Indian innings. Dhoni blames himself for Gambhir’s run out. Irfan Pathan could have taken off for the single instead of ball searching and last but not the least, Lasith Malinga missing Dhoni’s run out in the final over!

Well there were plenty but let’s see what our fans think was the turning point of the match :

(Say what you think was the turning point of this match by posting your opinion here - http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=350276408340267&id=102375579811701)

  • Indian Premier League Discussion Pagemissed run out of dhoni by malinga
    Tuesday at 8:33pm · · 4
  • Pravalika Moningiwicket of tendulkar turned the match!
    Tuesday at 8:35pm ·
  • Bittu Singhgambhir wicket was the terning point
    Tuesday at 8:36pm · · 2
  • Praveen MurariLast over of the match and wicket of gambhir
    Tuesday at 8:39pm · · 3
  • Jnanesh Bharath‎30th over wid nly 5 bals bowle n irfans runout fo india . . . . . N fo srlnka . . . Th noball sixer by irfan
    Tuesday at 8:40pm · · 4
  • MÎz KhâñzGambhir OUT
    Was the turning point
    Tuesday at 8:40pm · · 2
  • Akshay Patelirfy run out....
    Tuesday at 8:45pm · · 1
  • Virender Tak‎30th over,5 ball over
    Tuesday at 9:05pm · · 1
  • Heerendra Singh ThakurRohit sharma run out
    Tuesday at 9:06pm · · 1
  • Dinesh ReddyKohli out
    Tuesday at 9:15pm ·
  • Karuppiah ShanmugavelSome of our middle order batsman did not played well...like raina, rohit and specially jadeja...:-(
    Tuesday at 9:20pm · · 2
  • Sami BalochIt was a amzing match
    Tuesday at 9:52pm · · 1
  • Sandeepkumar SmartySrilanka's fielding was very excellent this is the turning point
    Tuesday at 10:48pm · · 1
  • Rohit Kumar PatnaikThe run out of Irfan Pathan was the turning point of the match
    Yesterday at 1:05am · · 2
  • Shreyas Sonkusareteam should have to improve their middle order and their is no requirement of suresh raina if he is not in good form.fast falling wicket is the turning pt of match
    Yesterday at 1:29am · · 2
  • Utsav Panarairfan run ou
    Yesterday at 1:48am · · 1
  • Anjana RantaRohit sharma run out
    Yesterday at 5:52am · · 1
  • Ram PrasathAfter Gauti wicket
    Yesterday at 7:23am · · 1
  • Anand NagarajIrfan Runout
    Yesterday at 9:54am ·
  • Bhuban Deyjadeja out was the turning point
    Yesterday at 9:55am ·
  • Prasanna BalasundaramRunouts of Gambhir and Irfan Pathan
    Yesterday at 10:24am ·
  • Loving Heart Shivampathan’s wicket
    23 hours ago ·
  • Qazi HumaidThe way irfan pathan was out shows that dhoni is the main reason behind his run out and really if pathan would stable there india could definitely win that match
    20 hours ago · · 1
  • Sp NaveenIrfan and gambir runout was the big big turning point. All other reasons are common in the game
    18 hours ago · · 1

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