Features of Cricket Betting

Published on: Oct 25, 2022

Betting has done a lot to make sports more entertaining. There are lots of gambling companies that even sponsor leagues and contribute to improving the spectacle of every match. Unfortunately, betting has also led to match-fixing in pretty much every sport. Luckily, regulations are incredibly better today, and match-fixing is significantly less prevalent. Even though soccer betting has the biggest fan base, there is still a big demand for cricket-betting sportsbooks. Here we will examine features that need to be present in a high-quality cricket sportsbook.

Safe for Use

As stated regulations are important in gambling as they make it fair and safe for users. Ideally, you want to use a sportsbook or a casino that has multiple licenses and certifications for fairness. You can read here about online casino for real money and how they create safe environments for gambling. The platforms should also offer an array of payment options. This allows you to use a payment method you are comfortable with for both deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, these payments need to be processed fast. Basically, everything needs to be streamlined through the use of software, so that there is no wiggle room for operators to deny you your winnings.

An Array of Bet Types

Another thing that you want out of your betting provider is an array of options for wagering. You don’t want to be limited to match bets or whether it will end in a tie. There are several bet types that people really expect to see from reputable gambling sites:

  • Series winner - You don’t wager on a single match but rather on a team who is going to win the series. The option is a higher risk so the reward is also bigger. To win a series a team needs to be best in out of 3 or in out of 5 matches, but not win every single game.
  • Outright winner - Another high-risk option but here you bet on who will win the entire competition.
  • Top batsmen and bowlers - You put money on a player you think will be recognized as the best batsman or the best bowler during the events. In other words who will score the most runs or take out the most wickets.
  • Over/Under - Here you predict the final score and whether it will go above or under a certain number of points.
  • Handicap bets - Here you wager on a hypothetical outcome which is really entertaining. It basically gives you a chance to put money on a weaker team and set conditions or handicaps they need to overcome. For example 12 point advantage. These are very flexible wagering options and very popular in cricket
  • Live-betting or in-event - This is available for pretty much any sport and you wager on a specific outcome at a specific point in the match.

In order for a sports book to have all of these features available, they need to collaborate with reputable providers. Most of the companies that develop games for casinos also have sportsbook content. You can look at the gambling site called 5Gringos and see the list of their partners. Basically, they host content that is developed by Felt Gaming, NetEnt, and OneTouch, and all of them also work with betting sites.

Good Odds

Any sports betting sites will give you the odds where the house keeps a portion of the money for itself. In other words, you can never if the actual prize pool would allow you to get 2 times the stake, you will get 1.8x or 1.9x. This is just how the odds work, and it’s compensation the operators receive for hosting the content and for spending money on licensing. Still, there is a difference in how much money an operator decides to keep. Some want a bigger cut which means less for the players. You should always check multiple options and see which websites offer better odds.


As you can see these are some of the essential features a cricket betting site should have. Of course, it should also be mobile-friendly and responsive in order to have a better user experience. Finally, a responsive customer support team is another positive feature, as players are often concerned when it takes too long for the operator to address their issue.