Rahul Dravid confirms that he is not retiring yet!

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Published on: Jan 29, 2012

Former India Captain Rahul Dravid denies reports about his Retirement from Test Cricket

Rahul Dravid, India’s most dependent batsman in Tests has quashed news reports suggesting his retirement following the series whitewash in Adelaide. Dravid has confirmed that he hasn’t taken any decision on retirement from Test Cricket yet. However, the 39-year-old Rahul Dravid did clarify and agree that his international career was on the brink of a finish.

Dravid was quoted to have said “I am towards the end of my career; there is no doubt about that. But I haven’t taken any decision about retiring. There is no need of taking any decision about retiring now. For the next 7-8 months, we don’t have any Test Matches. At this age, it is all about taking one series at a time. There is no point in thinking too ahead of time. So let’s see how it pans up.”

Rahul DravidThe 39-year-old was also quoted to have said “For the good of world cricket, India needs to be a strong side. Even if it takes some time, India will be strengthened with the infusion of youngsters”. Rahul Dravid went onto add “It’s important that India has to be a strong Test playing nation as there are very few countries playing cricket in the world. If India is strong in Tests then it will be good and positive for cricket and in some aspects its upto us to improve as well”.

So it seems Rahul Dravid is not going to retire right now and there could be a farewell series the next time India plays Test Cricket!

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