Improve and stay a step ahead: Kohli shares success mantra with Iqbal

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Published on: May 20, 2020

Bangladesh one-day skipper Tamim Iqbal praised Indian captain Virat Kohli, and termed him the cricketer responsible for raising the fitness and discipline standards in international cricket.

In a Facebook chat with Kohli, Iqbal opined that earlier cricketers used to look at athletes from other sports for inspiration when it came to fitness levels, but that has changed thanks to Kohli.

"There were times when we honestly looked up to different athletes from different sports regarding how fit they are or how disciplined they are. But now I can proudly say that we have our own, from our cricketing family which is you. Thank you very much for entertaining us," Iqbal told the Indian skipper.

It is a known fact that Kohli started paying serious attention to his fitness and discipline after a poor IPL 2012 during which he wasn't taking things too seriously. Kohli revealed that former India coach Duncan Fletcher made his realise the importance of being professional.

Speaking about his stupendous on-field success, Kohli attributed the same to working hard and having confidence in one's ability. "To be honest, I never doubted myself in game situations. Everyone who is human has doubts and weaknesses. Have their negatives. So in practice during tours, if you haven't had a good session you feel you don't have that flow," the Indian captain explained.

"Yes, doubts creep in then and it's at the back of your mind. Key is to keep going and get into that zone till you feel that it was just distraction. If I believe I am good enough, then I am good enough," he went on to add.

He further told Iqbal that the key to succeed consistently is to keep improving so that you are always one step ahead of the opponent. If you allow the opposition to read your game, then things get tougher.

"My advice is even if you try a lot in practice, do try out new things in one or two games to check if it works or not. Because if you execute it under pressure in match situations then you get a different kind of confidence. Practice prepares you but execution in match makes you confident," Kohli said.

"Key is to have an open mind when it comes to improvising. I hear a lot of players say this is my natural game and I play like this but if opposition figures you out, you have to improve and stay a step ahead. Learn, process information and execute," he added.

Kohli is presently considered among the greatest batsmen in the game for his ability to deliver under pressure, particularly in big chases.

--By A Cricket Correspondent

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