Afghanistan vs England 24th T20I at Delhi, 23 Mar, 2016

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 142/7 (20)
Afghanistan 127/9 (20)
England won by 15 runs
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Shapoor Zadran 0 * (0)
  • Shafiqullah Shafiq 35 * (20)

Over 2.6 Amir Hamza bowls a tossed up delivery to Jason Roy,  out Bowled!! 

Over 5.3 Mohammad Nabi bowls a tossed up delivery to James Vince, out Caught and Bowled!!  Vince gets early into the drive, doesn't get close to the pitch either, ends up lobbing a simple return catch to the bowler.

Over 5.4 Mohammad Nabi bowls a tossed up delivery to EJG Morganout Bowled!! Morgan got half-a-stride forward, doesn't cover for the drift, left his off-stump exposed. The ball sneaked its way past Morgan and crashes into the off-stump.

Over 5.6 Mohammad Nabi bowls a tossed up delivery to Ben Stokes, out Root Run Out!

Over 8.1 Samiullah Shenwari bowls a tossed up delivery to JC Buttler,  out Caught by Nabi!! Buttler was looking to play the drive on the up, hits it sweetly but in the air, to the left of extra cover. Nabi takes a superb catch.

Over 9.2 Rashid Khan bowls a slower one to Ben Stokes, out Bowled!

Over 14.3Rashid Khan to Chris Jordan He is Caught ...